We wish to see this project grow as a way to give children especially, but people of all ages, a way to communicate their thoughts and feelings as one. If a #HiveOfPositivity can make one person smile or bring comfort to another, then @BeeStrongMCR has served its purpose. The opportunity to create a mural has come as a result of this project. We see this as the chance to create another #HiveOfPositivty, just in a different medium. Something that will permanently reflect the thoughts and feelings of all of us in response to the attack. We hope you see this as a positive and worthwhile cause you can get behind.
Hives Of Positivity
‘Hives of Positivity’ allow anyone and everyone to create worker bees which they decorate with their well wishes and then add to the hives all across the city, or even make your own! They are popping up all over the city of Manchester, in shop windows, classroom walls, lamp posts, front doors, even wheelie bins. We want to create a platform to share our condolence, solidarity, kindness and love at such a difficult time.
@BeeStrongMCR want to help raise money to create a large mural in memory of the 22 victims of the tragic Manchester attacks. In the Manchester suburb of Monton we will create a memorial mural on a large wall kindly donated by a local pizza company. We want to make a lasting tribute for those who tragically lost their lives. Our vision will be brought to life by the hand of Manchester mural artist Qubek.


Hives are popping up all over the city in classrooms, gardens and shop windows.


if you want to keep up to date with the progress of our mural crowdfunding project, see how our swarm of worker bees are growing or find out whats going on around Manchester, see our blog!
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If you wish to get involved with BeeStrongMCR please get in touch! We would love to hear any suggestions on the project, help any way we can and listen to your ideas! Please email us directly or use the form and social media links below.