BeeStrongMCR aims to set up ‘Hives of Positivity’ by sending anyone and everyone our worker bee template which they can cut out, decorate with their well wishes and then add to the hives all across the city, or even make your own! They could pop-up in shop windows, classroom walls, lamp posts, front doors, even wheelie bins.

We are hoping to have #HivesOfPositivity pop up all over the city of Manchester in the coming days and weeks. And through this we will create a space to share condolence, solidarity, kindness and love.

The opportunity to create a mural has come as a result of this project. We see this as the chance to create another #HiveOfPositivty, just in a different medium. Something that will permanently reflect the thoughts and feelings of all of us in response to the attack. We hope you see this as a positive and worthwhile cause you can get behind.

Any help, input or ideas of how to build and grow the project, and anyone who wants to be involved please email hello@beestrong.uk or follow (and share!) @BeeStrongMCR on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.